Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Birthday Party Planning For Busy Moms

 When you are a working mom, planning a fantastic birthday party can seem like an impossible feat, given that there are only twenty four hours in a day. We want to help lighten your load with one of our fun, delicious kid's catering packages. Here are some other tips on how to make your planning easier:

The invites are always a special touch for me -- I usually find an example I like and customize the invite to suit. Sometimes, there is a template included in a themed printable pack -- copy and paste, insert text, add a cute photo of your little one and voila! You have unique and memorable invitations to send with your child to school. I have also learned from experience that it often pays to invite the whole class. If you are having a party, I say do it! The marginal cost of a few more kids is not significant, and you will help your child learn to build and grow their relationships by including all their friends and getting to know the parents.

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