Monday, August 31, 2015

Throw An Adult Halloween Party This Year

 Have you been wanting to throw an adult Halloween party for some time? Wait no longer! Make this year the hallmark, and start a new yearly tradition. Take a look at the following tips to ensure the best adult Halloween party ever!

Start by decorating for the occasion. Drape as much in black as you can, and get some fake spiderwebs for corners. You can even buy adorable labels for your spirits (not the undead kind of spirits). Clearly mark the restroom with a restroom door decoration.

Throw The Best Fall Party

 Make the most of the upcoming change in season by throwing as many outdoor parties as possible. Invite all of your loved ones to your next gathering, made even better with the following tips and tricks.

(3) dried popcorn cobs
grapevine wreath
grapevine wire
modern floral stem with felted ball stems
wire cutters
hot glue gun
hot glue sticks


Friday, August 28, 2015

Labor Day Party Made Easy

Labor Day is quickly approaching, blink and you'll miss it. Take the time now to plan an unforgettable bash, and pick our Clam Bake catering package to end Summer in the most delightful way. Below you will find some of the best ways to plan your party...

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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Start The School Year Off With A Party!

 There is always a reason to celebrate, you just have to find inspiration and run with it. Going back to school can be a cause of celebration, for many reasons, so take the time now to plan a party. An outdoor bash filled with games and good food- what better way to start the school year?

The end of summer is almost here, but not yet. Why not end summer with a bang, by throwing a party! Be sure to include plenty of outdoor activities, as well as your favorite summer food and drinks. Not sure where to get started?Here are 15 end of summer party ideas everyone can enjoy!


Throw The Perfect Halloween Wedding

 Halloween weddings are fun and festive, especially when they are outside. There are so many possibilities for entertainment and decor with a theme like this, and we can accommodate your menu with our Halloween catering package. Check out some fun and eerie ways to make this day everything you hope...

On the invitation, ask guests to come in formerly-worn formal wear. Shop consignment stores and secondhand shops for grim get-ups at a budget-friendly price. 

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Plan A Harvest Party Now

 The weather may be soon turning, but that doesn't mean you can't continue to throw outdoor parties. Celebrate the new season in style, by planning now for the best party.

Celebrate fall with a harvest party. Use the bounty of the season in your decorating and recipes. Plan a few autumn-theme activities, invite some guests (young and old will enjoy this party), and get ready to toast the beauty of fall.

Throw The Best Halloween Party

 While it may seem so far away, Halloween is right around the corner. If you want your party to stand out among the rest, start planning the details now. With our Halloween Party Package, you will have the something for everyone, so you won't have to worry about the food. Check out some great ideas for best Halloween party...

Group heirloom pumpkins, plants wrapped in burlap and fun metal pieces for a warm welcome. Spread spider webs in the background for a haunted entryway.

Southern Living 

Celebrate The End Of Summer

 It is not too late to throw an unforgettable end-of-summer party! You don't need much, especially with our help, but we still want to provide you with tips for the rest. Celebrate the end of summer with an awesome party, and start the school year off with a bang.

“I don’t think you need a rain date unless it’s a 600-person church picnic,” says Clark. “A 30-person barbecue at my house is going to happen no matter what.” But if you want to clarify, add a note: “Rain or shine.” Or “If it rains…game night inside!” Just be sure that you have room for everyone in your living room.

Real Simple 

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Outdoor Fall Wedding Ideas

 Do you have an outdoor wedding planned for the Fall? Now is the perfect time to nail down the food and decor, and we are here to help. Our wedding catering packages are perfect for a crisp, cool outdoor wedding, and you will find tips on decor below...

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Back To School Celebration

 Are you dreading the days of backpacks and assignments? Try a new approach this year and throw a party celebrating the return of school, and get your kids excited.

Some kids can't wait to head back to school...others aren't so sure. But you can get even the most reluctant students psyched for a new year of learning with a back to school party featuring kid-friendly recipes and crafts. Don't forget to include both new and old classmates on the invite list -- making friends in advance will help quell any first-day jitters.

Martha Stewart Living 

End Of Summer Bash That No One Will Forget

 If you have children, you may be all too aware that Summer vacation is coming to a close. End the season with a bang, and throw a party! Use the Luau theme, and partner it with our Pig Roast! Check out more awesome ideas below...

Monday, August 3, 2015

Make Your Next Adult Birthday Party Stylish And Fun

 We have covered what to do for children's birthday parties, but what about an adult party? You can make your backyard into a sophisticated soiree with a few simple steps. The first step is checking out our gourmet catering packages, the next is to check out style inspiration below.

When Oscar-nominated actress Juliette Lewis brought in party stylists and lifestyle bloggers Twink + Sis to design her birthday dinner party, the duo immediately knew they wanted the event to capture the romance and magic of summer.

House Beautiful

Perfect Color Combos For Your Outdoor Wedding

This is the best season for backyard weddings, so take advantage of the time. With the latest wedding color combinations, you don't have to do too much research before you start to plan. We have the best in catering packages for your special day, the rest is up to you...

  • Use a light pink pattern and charcoal text on your invitations and programs.
  • Tie pink silk ribbon onto gray chairs.
  • Serve pink champagne during the toasts.


The Best Outdoor Party Games

 Summer is in full gear, and it can be the best or worst time of year for kid's birthday parties.The way to ensure that the children have the best party of the Summer is to plan activities now. Below you will find fun outdoor game ideas...

For a 72-piece game set, purchase a 4x8-foot sheet of Masonite from a home improvement store. At the store, have it cut into 8-inch squares.