Thursday, August 7, 2014

Fall Wedding Myths Busted

 Planning a wedding in fall can often lead to thoughts of pumpkins and hay bales as decoration. You may think you need to decorate a certain way or cater a certain type of food to your guests, in order to keep a theme, but that is not the case. The following article busts common myths about fall weddings, and opens you to new ideas.

Experts agree that you do not have to use leaf-hues for a fall wedding, and that some couples tend to rely too heavily on these and other earth tones (like chocolate brown) in autumn. We're not suggesting that you ignore the season entirely and use bright, summery colors or spring pastels; simply consider other rich and glamorous hues that fit the time of year. Try plum and aubergine combined with shades of cream and blush, or classic navy blue paired with a glam shade of gold. If you have your heart set on brown, try mocha or cappuccino hues rather than chocolate, which combine beautifully with black, cream, and even red. See couples' real fall weddings.
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