Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Fun Games for Your Summer Cookout

Whether it is a company cookout, a family reunion, or just a fun family cookout, people look for food and fun. Ronnie's All American Catering has you covered on the great food, and now it is just up to you to have the fun games. If you are still wondering what kind of games could really get your party started, then this is the blog for you. Below is a fun blog on all the fun party games that ensure your guest will have a blast:

Summer cookout games that get everyone interacting can make warm-weather barbeques even more fun. Simple family outdoor games, ranging from drawing a hopscotch grid with chalk on the driveway to setting up a badminton game on the lawn, can create fond memories. These ideas are budget-friendly and simple to set up.
Make It Up As You GoIf you have some sidewalk chalk, you can draw all kinds of games, or have the kids draw and then play them. Hopscotch is a no-brainer, but, if your kids get bored with that, you can always turn to these exciting games:
Crazy Line Race: Give each player a piece of chalk and have him draw a long, winding line with it. Then everyone has to run from the beginning to the end of another player's line. Whoever finishes first is the winner. This gets funny when the lines go all over and cross each other.
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